8 Weeks Handstand Workout Program + E Book (Beginners)

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8 Weeks Handstand Workout Program + E Book (Beginners)

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With over +8 years of experience in Calisthenics, 2x National Champion of Canada & 8x Pro wins around the world. Xavier Cormier will share with you the proper way to start working on your Handstand for Beginners. 


Welcome to the World of Handstands!

Handstands are an impressive and challenging feat of strength, balance, and flexibility. Whether you are a beginner just starting fitness enthusiasts looking to improve your handstand, this program and e-book is designed to help you reach your goals. With step by step instructions from my +10 years experience in fitness and calisthenics, informations, and progressions, you will learn the fundamentals of handstands and develop the skills you need to perform them with confidence and control. So, are you ready to take your handstand practice to the next level? Let's get started!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to step up to the challenge and unlock your true potential. Get ready to turn heads with your impressive skills and chiseled physique – are you ready to rise to the challenge? Let's go!


The program consist of 3 workout a week, for 8 weeks. Every workout can be done in less than 45 minutes- 1 hour and minimum to zero equipment is required.

The E book + Workout Program contains in total 23 pages in a pdf document.


*No requirements are need to start this program, the intensity of all exercises can be decrease by changing for an easier variation from basics to total beginner.