Vendors / Sponsors / Partners

Vendors: Calisthenix pro is based in the region of Ottawa in Canada. Currently our products are only available by our website, but we are open for new distribution partnerships worldwide, If you are a gym owner, a calisthenics/streetworkout store or online store interested in distributing our products, email us at for more information!


Sponsors: We have sponsored more than 100 proffesional calisthenics athletes from all across the globe, our brand has been approved by the best athletes like Daniels Laizans, Thomas Kurganov, Andrea Larosa, Ikwhan Engku, Vitaly Melnik , Dan Rosenberg and many more featured on our Instagram pages, for more information about being a sponsored athlete email us at 


Partners : One of the main goal of Calisthenix pro is to help the sports grow all around the world, that's why we are always ready to make some partnerships with Competition/Event organizer! We have sponsored many competitions like:

-The PTA WAR 2 Competition in Fresno, California

-The Canadian National Calisthenics Competition of Freestyle 2020 

-The Call Out 6 in Brooklyn New-York in 2020

-The PTA WAR Competition in Fresno, California 2019

-The Canadian National Calisthenics Competition of Freestyle 2019

-The Call out 5 in Brooklyn New-York in January 2019

-The 2nd Calisthenics Meeting by the grcalisthenics in Greece in November 2018

-The Canadian National Calisthenics Competition of Freestyle 2018

-The Rise Calisthenics competition in Toronto in May 2018

For more information about sponsoring a calisthenics competition/event email us at