4 Weeks Calisthenics Workout Program (Beginner)
4 Weeks Calisthenics Workout Program (Beginner)

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4 Weeks Calisthenics Workout Program (Beginner)

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With over +8 years of experience in Calisthenics, 2x National Champion of Canada & 8x Pro wins around the world. Xavier Cormier will share with you the proper way to start calisthenics for beginners. 


This 4 week program is designed to make you shredded, get you stronger, faster, more explosive and boost you’re endurance. Mastering the foundation  such as pull up, push up, dips and squat will get you ready for harder skills such as muscle up, V sit , pistol squat, handstand and more. 


The program consist of 5 workout a week, many of them are full body workout and involve compound movement for a strong & functional body. Every workout can be done in less than 1 hour and minimum is equipment required.

Each Week the intensity of the exercises and skills will increase such as :


-Pull up

-Pistol Squat

-Push up



This program is for people who want to :

-Master the Basics of Calisthenics 

-Become strong & shredded

-Dont need to workout in the Gym

-Become athletic


* All you will need is a pull up bar , dip bar and a plyo box ( or a ledge )

*No requirements are need to start this program, the intensity of all exercises can be decrease by changing for an easier variation from basics to total beginner with assistance of resistance bands.