Wrist Wraps -Black & White
Wrist Wraps -Black & White
Wrist Wraps -Black & White

Calisthenix pro

Wrist Wraps -Black & White

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Calisthenix Pro Wrist Wraps offer an alternative to traditional velcro wrist wraps. Tighten the material for extra support on heavy lifts, then loosen it for a little more range. The use of quality lifting wraps can reduce pain & stress on wrists and helps prevent injuries. 

Calisthenixpro Wrist Wraps can also be used for Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Strength Training, Yoga, or any other applications where joint support is needed.

  • Length: 35”
  • Width: 3” 
  • Silk print
  • Twist material for easy tightening and loosening of support
  • Please note that string can be white*

Athlete : Daniels Laizans & Yosyf Koreiba