Ajustable pull up bar 5Ft - Stainless Steel
Ajustable pull up bar 5Ft - Stainless Steel

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Ajustable pull up bar 5Ft - Stainless Steel

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This adjustable Stainless Steel pull up bar is heavy duty and has been load tested for >200kg. Stainless Steal pull up bar are extremely durable and will withstand any weather conditions.

They are specially made for outdoor workout, Streetworkout/Calisthenics, Crossfit, Parkour, Gymnastics. 

                (Can be pick up or delivered, Email us for info) 

   -Why take adjustable pull up bar instead of fix pull up bar? 

Simply because instead of having 2 or 3 differents pull up bars of different heights, you can only change the heights of your choice for different kind of exercise, for smaller/taller people, for kids and to ensure a long life of your wood post by avoiding screwing in them.


Length: 150 cm
Width:   3,3 cm

What comes with my order? 

- 1  pull up bar

- 2 plates

What else do I need?

- 2 x 6x6 post

- 8 x 3/8 screw

- 8 x 3/8 bolt