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Colored liquid chalk - Pink

Colored liquid chalk - Pink

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Our Calisthenix Pro colored liquid chalk is perfect for an ultimate grip for your all your most intense workout!

Recognized to be the best liquid chalk in the Calisthenics game, One small application will last an entire Calisthenics session or high intensity lifting period. No need to worry about tarnishing your gym's floors or your training gear, while still benefiting from the best grip assistance on the market.

*Calisthenics Tips : Spread your liquid chalk on the barz 10-15 seconds Before your sets for the best grip possible. This is one of the best secret when it comes to competition and you want to have the best grip without drying your hand too much and ripped it off!

Liquid chalks also act as a great antibacterial, put on bars and equipements to keep your workout area clean

Each bottle contain 50ml of colors liquid chalk wich can provide up to 50+ applications.

Ingredients : SD alcohol, Magnesium carbonate hydroxide, Colophonium, Hydroxypropylcellulose, styrax benzon gum.